Amco Engineering Works
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About us

Mr. Dipankar Deb, promoter of 'Amco Engineering Works started his career in a multinational organization having similar trade. By virtue of his perseverance, hard work, efficiency and keen interest, he started developing critical type of filters and made it easier to replace import substitute filters with low cost thereby saving foreign exchange.

Apart from above, his sharp and keen eyes kept a strict vigilant the actual requirement of the market and with competitive price, on the time delivery and liberal terms his company started gaining reputation in the market.

Slowly but steadily the company started gaining foothold in various Govt. Organisations by supplying high and critical products as per their specifications and slowly graduated as premiers in manufacturing Hydraulic Filters.

The Company received its first major project work from The Railways in 1983. Since then there was no looking back and today with clients like The Railways, Defense Factories, Ports, Mines, Power Plants, Steel Plants, Atomic Energy Plants, Aeronautics Industry, Petrochemicals and a lots of Original Equipment Manufacturers. Amco Engineering works is reaching towards a higher goal day by day.